Our Services

Building Analysis

A process that measures how a building's performance compares to the specified design. This includes how the mechanical system operates and how much energy a building uses. Other aspects of this analysis include, but are not limited to, ventilated facade studies, lighting analysis, internal and external CFD airflow, and solar analysis.

Workplace Consultancy

At the heart of every organisation are it’s culture, workplace practices and most importantly it’s people. Workplace consultancy aims to understand, translate and respond to all elements of a business. Through analysing the impact of space on your people, technology and business processes we develop a full understanding of the objectives behind your relocation and refurbishment. This information becomes the blueprint for creating intelligent, hardworking solutions to address your business’s ongoing needs.

Space Planning
and Interior Design

Our experienced in-house team of designers are dedicated to providing insightful interior solutions for the commercial workplace. Their creative approach, balanced with an acute commercial awareness enables them to create functional working environments that enhance and promote your business’s objectives and its culture.

Interior Fit-Out and Refurbishment

Our experienced team is committed to delivering projects of consistent, high quality; a commitment that our clients have come to rely upon. We work closely with your team to ensure that your aspirations and objectives can be delivered within the constraints of the building, overall budget and time expectations. This ensures a smooth transition from concept to completion.

Commercial and Residential Projects.

Residential design works as a partnership between the architect and the interior designer. The architect begins the process, ensuring that the home is safe and structurally sound. The architect designs a home to meet local building codes, including regulations for plumbing and electrical safety. The building’s size and envelope is relatively small when compared to commercial properties. Commercial buildings are usually larger than residential buildings, which demands a greater responsibility for safety and structural integrity.

Planning Applications
and Advice

Our experienced in-house team of designers are able to offer a versatile service, catering to projects of greatly different sizes and characters. We guide the client to the correct direction developing the concept of theproject that blends to the surrounding area and always with maximum functionality. We develop the project to comply all requirements from Local Authorities after submission we look after until decision. Our target is the final approval. 

Project Management

We have developed a project management approach that focuses on minimising the effect of a relocation or refurbishment on day-today business practices, enabling your team to focus on their core business activities. Our project managers are involved throughout every project ensuring successful execution and delivery within the agreed timescale and budget. This guarantees that the project is delivered to meet, and often exceed your expectations.

Furniture Specification and Supply

Pelham's furniture specialists work collaboratively with our clients, the design and project delivery teams to specify, source and supply tailored furniture schemes for every budget, from high-end, bespoke fittings to affordable online ranges. Working with a wide variety of furniture manufacturers, we bring you choice from a vast and regularly updated product portfolio to provide the optimum furniture solution for your business.

Move Management

Change, growth and restructuring are an integral part of modern- day organisations. From a one-man move to a full multi-location organisational restructure, we recognise that a physical move, refurbishment or reconfiguration is a major event for any company. Pelham offers tailor made move management solutions with a strong focus on maximising your business’s productivity throughout. Our teams work diligently to ensure that timescales and budgets
are met.

Commercial Maintenance

Our highly trained, directly employed maintenance teams offer service solutions to minimise downtime. Available for emergency response and planned and unplanned maintenance works, we encompass all the deliverables that enables your business to run smoothly and seamlessly allowing you to concentrate on your
core activities.